I was digging through YouTube when I came across a documentary series about pro wrestling. The episode that caught my eye was one devoted almost entirely to Amarillo.

I knew that pro wrestling was big in Amarillo. I know that this area has historically produced internationally acclaimed talent. I didn't know that you could trace it all back to almost the dawn of the 20th century.

The doc starts out circa 1912, and then continues on well into the 80's. While I'm not personally well versed in the history of wrestling in the area, comments on the video say the guy got "most of it" right.

Still, it's interesting to see. Growing up with WCW and WWF, the stories about the territories are now more entertaining to me than anything I ever saw on prime time TV.

Of course the doc eventually winds up being primarily about the Funks. How could it not? If you so much as think the word "wrestling" around here, someone is bound to jump out from behind a corner to tell you their favorite Funk story.


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