Today I was having a conversation with a friend about our pets. This conversation took a dark turn when the subject of pet adoption came up.

This individual informed me that Amarillo has a critical need for individuals to adopt pets this summer. It's not just dogs. It's not just cats. Puppies and kittens are being surrendered or abandoned as well.

According to the individual I was talking with, in one day there were 50 owner surrenders of these pets. That's 50 animals in one day, that suddenly and desperately need a home.

I've never been much of a "pet" guy. I've had a dog, and we were best friends. After my dog passed away from liver failure 10 years ago, I just haven't found it in myself to get another dog.

That was until I met the girl I'm with. Not just her, but her toy Yorkie too. I've never liked lap-dogs. To be honest, I still don't.

Except for, George. George has somehow found a way to nuzzle up to a soft spot in my heart and make it his own. He sits on the arm of my recliner keeping watch over the living room while I watch TV or play video games. He keeps a watchful eye over the bathroom while I soak and drink a beer. He makes sure my armpit stays warm at night while I sleep, by forcing his way under my arm for a late night cuddle.

I can't express how much happiness "my dog" has brought me, and you can have that too. Please reach out to any of our area shelters or rescues and find a four-legged friend to bring home. Not only will you be saving their life, but you'll be shocked at how they can save yours too.

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