Concerts aren't the only things that ticket resellers are targeting. Tickets for the inaugural season for Amarillo's Sod Poodles are also seeing insane mark-ups thanks to third party resellers.

According to a statement released today to the media from the Sod Poodles organization, ticket prices for games have been marked up to $50 in some cases. These third party sites add additional fees and surcharges, increasing the cost of tickets.

According to the statement from the Sod Poodles organization:

Sod Poodles organization ticket prices are inclusive with taxes, ranging from $6 to $18. Per our online ticketing platform,, there is a $1.50 fee per ticket.

You are urged to purchase tickets online by going to the official team site,, instead of using a third party site.

Doing a simple Google search for tickets may bring up these third party sites in your results, leading you to purchase these tickets that are being resold at an incredible mark-up.

So purchase your tickets using the team website,, and we'll see you on opening day!

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