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Yesterday, a press release was sent out regarding the postponement of the upcoming Beatles vs Stones concert in Amarillo. After looking at the event calendar for this month, and next month, it looks like that's not the only event we're going to have to wait for.

I went to the Civic Center's website to take a look at their calendar for myself. I found that a majority of the events that had been scheduled were either postponed or canceled.

Just glancing over the calendar, it looks like some smaller events will still be taking place. Bulls hockey is still scheduled. Other than that, after the upcoming rodeo, it's pretty empty.

The Nutcracker ballet has been postponed. Looking at the Civic Center's website, it doesn't look like it has been rescheduled yet.

The ballet being postponed is better news than it being canceled, but it doesn't make it sting any less for those of us who have made it part of our holiday traditions. I have several family members and friends who make a point to go every year.

If you're looking for a big bright side to this, starting in January it looks like all of the scheduled events are still happening. That means we just have to make it through December.

If you were planning on attending an event at the Civic Center Complex, I would recommend checking their calendar to see if it has been canceled or rescheduled. You can find their calendar of events by following this link.

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