One of my favorite pastimes is just sliding through all the posts on the Amarillo Buy/Sell/Trade pages on Facebook.

You can truly find some amazing deals on there...

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You can also find some of the funniest descriptions of items for sale as well. Now, I want to preface this by saying I'm in no way knocking this item I found for sale. I'm also not shading the person who posted it. I just found the description to be absolutely hilarious.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Ok, let's break this post down a little bit because it's one of the best ones I've seen. First, it's simplistic. It tells you everything about the car. It doesn't really seem out of the ordinary right?

First off, 79,000 miles on a truck from 1978 is insanely phenomenal. Now I don't know if that's original miles or if it's a new engine that was put in and only has that many miles on the engine. Either way, that's a pretty solid mileage and intrigues me.

It tells you about the automatic transmission in the truck, how it shifts out well like it's brand new.

I mean this truck is absolutely perfect sounding...then they throw in one minor detail.

The truck caught fire, and it's pretty obvious. I about fell out of my chair laughing as I read the description of how perfect this truck is. It was all over but the crying when I read "except for it's been on fire".

Oh man, the comments that started to roll in. Grab some popcorn and just start scrolling. The poor poster just starts getting roasted, pardon the pun. To be fair, the poster does state "parting out" at the beginning of the post, but tough to say if that part was added after the fact. They were obviously annoyed with the comments (and potential PM's) enough to post a very loud message saying they don't have time to "play with a bunch of kids".

Shout out to the poster for giving everyone a laugh...but in all seriousness, best of luck with the sale!

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