This is a great weekend to be a kid. If fun is what the family is looking for there will be lots of opportunities. The days between now and Halloween are going to be filled with candy and fun activities.

Whether you are looking for trunk or treats, fall festivals, helicopter rides even a hot dog eating contest. There is just so much to do. So finding stuff to do will not be the issue this weekend. The issue will be trying to squeeze everything in. A game plan is definitely needed.

Keeping a calendar this weekend will be important. I mean who wants to miss any of it? Some of the fun is Halloween related and some is not. You will still have to do your normal weekly chores. The groceries will still need to be bought.

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I mean adulting. Am I right? It can be a drag. Though Market 33 is trying to combine some fun in with your shopping obligations. The kids will be happy. You can also get your stuff secured for the week.

Not only that but they are also helping with the one messy task at Halloween time too. Cleaning that pumpkin. It's a mess. It's slimy on the hands. Why do it? You can let them handle all the mess.

OK, that seems like reason number one. Not quite something that will make the kids as happy as it will you. Don't worry they have a reason for the kiddos to be excited too. They are going to have Bluey there too.

If you have kiddos or grandkiddos you know who Bluey is. I finally got introduced to who that was recently. My granddaughter loves Bluey. So yeah. Something to make the kiddos happy for sure. 

So yes there is a lot of fun stuff to do this weekend. You just need to find the time to do as much as you possibly can. You can rest next weekend.

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