Tom Bodett left a light on for them.  They left a mess.

Amarillo Police went to the Motel 6 on I-40 Thursday evening.  They were not invited by any guests presumably hosting clandestine parties the budget motel chain is known for among the 18-25 crowd.  They were dispatched to respond to a crime.  You read that right.  For at least one occasion, a crime committed at a Motel 6 was actually reported.

That crime was a fight.  Arriving officers found no pugilists at the scene but did find blood, parts or a car, and shell casings in the parking lot.  If they’d also stumbles across a used condom they would have hit Motel 6 bingo.  During the investigation it was learned two women and an injured man involved in the bout had left the scene in search of medical treatment for a stab wound to his chest.

As Amarillo has no hospitals, no free standing emergency rooms, and not even one doc-in-a-box, the ladies pulled into the first place they saw with emergency lights, the Fire Station at 3000 ABE. Since the injured grappler had yet to burst into flames there was little Firefighters could do except apply direct pressure while assisting the man in finding proper treatment for his wounds at an undisclosed local hospital.

The investigation revealed the victim got into a dispute in the Motel 6 parking lot with one of the female’s ex-boyfriends.  It’s unclear if that’s her most recent ex-boyfriend or how many ex-boyfriends she’s had, nor how many of them regularly carrying a gun.  The initial disagreement between the two men, aside from jealousy of the new boyfriend by the old boyfriend, was over a vehicle that belongs to the victim’s new girlfriend, which was being driven by the ex-boyfriend.

Confused?  So are Amarillo Police.  The investigation is ongoing and it is rumored a special counsel will be called in to interview all parties, his name is jerry Springer.

Maybe Tom Bodett should turn the lights off once in awhile.

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