I love a good social media challenge. Hell, I've done Christmas tree eyebrows. I've even worn my own pair of homemade jean-thongs.

Unfortunately social media challenges aren't always just stupid fun. First it was Tide Pods. Now, we have kids blowing up wall sockets.

The Outlet Challenge

ABC7 ran a story about the "Outlet Challenge." Kids are taking their "charging box" for their phones, plugging them in, then they try to drop a penny in the space between the box and wall.

When the penny hits the prongs, it blows the outlet.

In Dalhart, they're actually dealing with this. Photos were shared online of the chargers and the blown up sockets.

The high school, and the City of Dalhart Police Department, were quick to inform everyone that the act is felony arson, and charges will be pursued.

Not The Dumb Stuff We Did As Kids

We all did dumb stuff growing up. I had a friend that would spit beechnut into the broken heater of our geography classroom. We didn't know that they fixed that heater, and when they turned it on the smell filled one whole wing of the school.

I've set off stink bombs during afternoon prayer at the school chapel. The best was running the superintendent's bicycle up the flag pole. That week of detention running stairs in the gym was worth it.

Running a bike up a flag pole is funny. Destroying a wall outlet isn't.

Maybe I'm old and don't get the humor.

Either way, all parents are encouraged to warn their kids that if they pull this stupid stunt they will be charged with the felony.

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