A lot of us have gone on a beer run. It's really nothing special. Unless you're breaking out of a federal prison, and then breaking back in.

NBC had a national story that came out yesterday, stating that four prisoners at the Federal Prison Complex in Beaumont, were captured making a run for booze and cellphones. This wasn't the first time the quartet made the run, either.

According to news report, the group had been regularly making the run. They would come back with whiskey and cellphones.

After receiving reports of these booze and phone runs, U.S. marshals and Jefferson County sheriff's deputies decided to catch the four in the act. That's exactly what happened at around 10:30 pm.

According to the news report, the four were observed leaving the prison and then returning with bags containing contraband, that included cellphones and whiskey.

I wonder, at any point that night, did any of them say to the others, "Let's just stay gone this time, man."


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