I remember my first time trying sushi. It was for my birthday. One co-worker took me for lunch. I wasn't brave enough to try it for my main meal. I got a rice and chicken dish and tried my co-worker's sushi.

He was the one who warned me about my first experience with wasabi. He told me it looks like guacamole but don't eat it like it is. Eat a small amount. That was good to know. Then for dinner, another friend asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner. I was ready for whatever. Let's go get sushi. I was going to go for it.

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Back then there were only two places to get sushi in Amarillo. Oh, how times have changed. There are several places now where you can go in Amarillo to get sushi. Not only great restaurants but if you don't have time to go to a restaurant there is always the grocery store.

I don't know how many times I have grabbed sushi from Market Street. They have great sushi. I even remember introducing my daughter to sushi at a young age. Then regretting it because she always wanted to go out for sushi.

What used to be only a couple of places you can go for good sushi now there are several places. Amarillo really has changed. It's a great change.

Amarillo's Best Places for Sushi

Where can you get Sushi in Amarillo? We have a lot of great places.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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