Remember when Hayden Pedigo ran for a seat on the city council? Remember the tape measure?

If you forgot, don't worry. There's a documentary coming out to remind you.

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Hayden recently announced that there is a feature length documentary coming out titled "Kid Candidate." The film follows Hayden on the campaign trail. In his announcement, Hayden goes on to say that it highlights several of the forgotten communities in Amarillo and it's the best portrayal of Amarillo he's ever seen.

The film must be good. The documentary about Hayden and his run for city council is a SXSW 2021 selection.

I remember writing about several of the campaigns that were running at that time, and Hayden was the one candidate I enjoyed the most. While everyone else was obviously playing politics, Hayden was a breath of fresh air.

In fact, Hayden was my favorite candidate to watch. He didn't get into mud slinging like some other candidates did. Instead, he would point out the sometimes uncomfortable reality that there are parts of our city that have been neglected or forgotten.

That included young people, whose participation in local politics was all but non-existent.

The campaign videos were great. It wouldn't be long before those oddball videos, and Hayden himself, would get national attention.

If I remember correctly, there was even a call with Adult Swim about the videos. At one point, even Tom Green wound up in the mix; if memory serves me right.

Also, there were those who scoffed at the fact that Hayden was running. I guess he gets the last laugh, if there's one to be had.

Who's made a documentary about something you've done for your city?

Kudos Hayden. Can't wait to watch.

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