Leave the lemonade stand to the kids. Think twice about setting up for that garage sale that only two people are going to show up to, only to waste 15 minutes looking at all of your junk before sneaking off.

If you're wanting to pick up a little extra cash, lettuce, green, flick, scratch this summer, try some of these methods that won't require you to leave the house.

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    If you have almost any skills at all, you can find freelance work online. If you can do it from a computer, you can do it from home and make a little extra money. Sites like UpWork.Com and Freelancer.Com allow you to sign up and start looking for work from a global client base. Complete your profile and submit well written proposals to score those side gigs you can do from the couch.

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    Teach English Online

    As odd as it might sound, you can make extra money teaching/tutoring English online. All you need is internet access, a computer, microphone, and more than likely a webcam. In most cases, lesson plans are provided to you, and pay ranges depending on experience and education level. Still, you won't have to leave the house to pick up a few extra buck. Search "Teach English Online" and you'll be flooded with opportunities.

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    Surveys, Surveys, Surveys

    There are a lot of places online that will let you fill out surveys in return for points to use for "purchases", gift cards, and small amounts of cash per survey. Not my personal favorite, but if you just want to do something that requires no effort what-so-ever while you binge Netflix, surveys could be for you. Just do a search for online surveys and beware of scams. Be sure to read every thing carefully.

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    Skip The Garage Sale And Sell Online

    You can sell your unwanted items on Facebook, or you can use apps like Letgo. Snap a photo, fill out the info, post it, then sit back and wait. I've had a little success with Letgo, and I know of several people who use the Facebook marketplace exclusively.

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    Play Games

    It is true that there are apps you can download to your phone that will allow you to play games for real life prizes. Swag IQ is an app along these lines that will let you play trivia games for points you can redeem for gift cards, and on occasion there are cash prizes awarded. There are a lot of apps like this for slot machines, scratch offs, trivia, etc. A simple search will have you playing and getting points, gift cards, and possibly cash in no time.

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