Everyone knows Santa makes his big ride on Christmas Eve, traveling the world to deliver gifts to all the good kids. Here's a few tools you can use to track Santa on his ride. Feel free to use them as a means to getting your kids in bed a little early.

NORAD Santa Tracker

The official NORAD Santa Tracker is probably the most famous Santa tracker on the market...so to speak. Every year they use their advanced technologies to track Ol' Saint Nick on his late night ride.

While we wait for Santa to take off from the North Pole, they have games and activities on their website to help you pass the time.

Google Santa Tracker

At the time of this writing, all that's on this site is a countdown to when Santa begins his world-wide sleigh ride. Keep an eye on the page, as I'm sure Google will put all of their technologies to use in not only tracking Santa's ride, but possibly his shopping habits as well.

Email Santa - Santa Tracker 2019

This site will be tracking Santa's ride, and has even employed a webcam to give you footage of the one night world-wide ride. They also have a lot of other Christmas themed activities available to help you wait for Christmas Eve.

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