Gather around children and let us look into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for Amarillo in 2019.

Here are five things we can expect in the coming months and in 2019 in Amarillo.

Gaze into the crystal ball and be amazed!

  • 1

    AA Baseball Will Be Here In 2019

    Ah yes, we will have a professionally not quite pro-level baseball team in Amarillo. The city can't afford to not pull it off, per the lease agreement.

  • 2

    There Are Sod Poodles Coming

    I see Sod Poodles. There are Sod Poodles everywhere. If the official team name is not Sod Poodles, I still see t-shirts and bumper stickers declaring this the golden age of the Soddies.

  • 3

    Non-existent Parking Spaces Will Cost You

    Ah, the council of minds at City Hall will try charging you for parking. Have no fear. There must first be a place for you to park if you are to pay for it.

  • 4

    Council Meetings Held At A Conveniently Inconvenient Time

    Yes, you may find yourself needing to pencil in attending City Council meetings sometime between breakfast and dropping the kids off at school. Maybe take them with you. All of this, in the name of better convenience for you.

  • 5

    Pardon Our Mess

    We'll still be under construction. At this point, what would we do if we didn't have to dodge cones and crews on our way anywhere in town?

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