A weather phenomenon known as a 'Bomb Cylcone' is making its way across the plains over the next couple of days. It has already started to affect Amarillo.

While our friends to the north in Colorado, Kansas, and in the Dakotas will be seeing blizzard like conditions in some places, the 'Bomb Cyclone' will be bringing extremely strong winds to our area.

Some are forecasting wind gusts as strong as 58mph, while others are saying that the winds could gust up to 70-80mph.

As the 'Bomb Cyclone' tracks east, pressure will drop drastically. This can cause problems for those who suffer from migraines and joint pain.

There is even the possibility for the phenomenon known as "spontaneous labor," where it is believed that a rapid drop in pressure can cause women late in their pregnancy to go into labor spontaneously.

Travel will be hazardous with the extremely strong winds we will be experiencing. So if you have plans to be out on the highway, be cautious.

While those to the north suffer through blizzard conditions, and we deal with the incredibly strong winds, further east will be dealing with flooding, severe weather including large hail, and possibly even tornadoes.


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