We were having a discussion about going out to eat recently. We do it a lot in Amarillo. I get it. It's a convenience not to have to cook. It's a lot more fun not having to clean up either. Plus you can get food that you don't cook at home. So you get to try new things.

I am all for going out to eat. I used to work in the restaurant business so I love being on the other side of things. The one thing I do not ever do when I go out to eat is get anything but water to drink.

Call me cheap if you want. I even trained my daughter as she was growing up to do this. We had a discussion about how drinks at a restaurant are a scam. I mean they are. If you have a family of four you just added at least twelve dollars, if not more to your tab. I mean an everyday drink like a Coke, Dr. Pepper, or tea is at least three dollars.

All I used to drink when I went out to eat anyway was an iced tea. An unsweet iced tea at that. Which tastes like water anyway. So a water with lemon fixes that and doesn't cost me anything. Until they decide to start charging for water.

I understand that they will say you get free refills. Sometimes. Sometimes you don't because the server is so busy. Again I get it. I used to wait tables. As a server you want to see everyone at your table get a Coke, a tea, a Sprite, and of course alcohol. That just brings the cost of the bill up.

Which should also increase your tip if you do it right. I still tip pretty well even if I get water to drink. I just save money each and every time I go out to eat. I do this by getting water.

Even if you go to a fast food drive-thru without refills you are paying a lot for a drink. Gone are the days of getting a drink for ninety-nine cents. Gone are the cheap drinks. I do take advantage of Happy Hour at Sonic and sometimes get my Route 44 drink using my app. Unless there is some cheap drink special I get a water.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Water is the way to save money in Amarillo. Each and every time.

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