One of our Facebook friends earlier today said he was a little confused when he got to work and turned on his radio, only to hear "Thunder 98.7." If you're confused or curious, here's what to expect.

Classic Rock is here to stay in the Panhandle

First of all, Classic Rock is here to stay in the Panhandle. We're not doing away with the greatest music ever made, and we're not adding anything to it. We're Classic Rock, and Classic Rock we will stay.

For labor day weekend, we are rolling non-stop music. That means no commercials until next Tuesday.

John Boy and Billy are back

John Boy and Billy are coming back to Amarillo. They will be on from 5am - 9am Monday through Saturday. That's right...six full days of two of the funniest men on the radio.

Not only are they back, but this upcoming Tuesday morning (9/3) during the 7am hour...someone in Amarillo is going to win $1,000. Don't miss out. Be listening for the "secret sound" and be the 98th caller to win.

Commercial Free Music

We've also added three blocks of commercial free music during the workday. At 9am, 12pm, and 4pm we will have 98 minutes of commercial free Classic Rock. That's commercial free Classic Rock to start the workday, for the lunch hour, and for the ride home.

Same Great Programming

Jen, Charlie, Uncle Joe Benson, Alice Cooper, and Dee Snider will still be on the air at the same times as always. Jen has your midday covered. Charlie livens up your afternoon. Uncle Joe has Ultimate Classic Rock Nights. Alice Cooper has you covered on Saturday nights, and Dee Snider will still be doing House of Hair on Sundays.

Now, let's pop some bottles and get this party started.

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