With pandemic unemployment benefits coming to an end, there could be a lot of people looking for a job.

There's also a LOT of employers looking for good, hardworking employees.

In other words, there's never been a better time to land yourself a new gig.

Workforce Solutions is hosting a HUGE job fair on Tuesday, October 5th from 10am-2pm. It'll be held at he Amarillo Civic Center at 401 S. Buchanan St.

There will be over 70 different companies hiring at this event. Odds are pretty good that you can find a job in a career field that interests you.

Some of the employers that will be on hand include Affiliated Foods, Amarillo Civic Center, several departments with City of Amarillo, JBS Carriers, Potter County Sheriff’s Office & Townsquare Media.

While we don't know all the different jobs available with the companies that are going to be there, we do know there will be a lot of choices for you.

If you'd like to come and work for us here at Townsquare Media (and why wouldn't you), I can tell you we have multiple positions available in both programming and in sales. We offer a fun, creative environment that will satisfy all the things you'd be looking for in a career.

Yes, I said career. We are a big family and once you get here, you won't want to leave.

Whether it's us or someone else you decide you want to work for, don't wait to find your next opportunity. This may be the best chance you have at finding a job. Again, over 70 companies are expected to be at this job fair, so letting this one slip by you wouldn't be the thing to do.

Come see us at the job fair, whether you're applying with us or not. We'll have a fun game for you to play with some great prizes to win! See ya there.

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