Car accidents happen on a daily basis here in Amarillo. Some of them are just your basic fender bender, some a little more than that. They happen on the side roads, main roads, and worst of all, the interstate.

Lately I've noticed there's been an influx of accidents that have happened on I-27, and I'm not talking about weak ones. These are big time bangers, the type that close the highway for a bit.

Last week, I made several trips toward Canyon that required the use of I-27, and it seemed like each trip I was a part of had a major accident that had the interstate shut down in one direction, and of course, significantly slowing down the opposite direction so everyone could take a look at what had happened.

Two of these accidents happened within an hour or so of one another, in approximately the same spot. The first one I saw looked like it was a single car accident, unless of course the other had already been hauled away.

The front of of a white crossover had been completely smashed in and was sitting in the left lane on I-27. Whatever happened, there was major impact based on the white car I saw. I was headed in the opposite direction for that one, so didn't get caught up in the traffic.

An hour or so later on our way back home, we see more emergency lights ahead. Surely this can't be the same accident we just saw, right? It wasn't. It was an another one in pretty much the same spot as the one we saw headed to our destination.

This one looked like it involved three cars. A white SUV, a pickup, and a Mustang. I'll let you guess which car took the brunt of the impact. It appeared everyone was ok, unless there had already been people transported to the hospital.

Later in the week, we're on our way to baseball practice and sure enough, ANOTHER accident on I-27. This one was a little further down, but it had the highway closed off. This one looked nasty.

Ryan Kramer
Ryan Kramer

This car was across the highway on the frontage road, and clearly a part of the accident. The front end of that car has been completely ripped apart. It was the next car I saw that made me wonder what in the heck actually happened here.

Ryan Kramer
Ryan Kramer

Front end smashed, back end crunched up. I was just blown away at how much damage each car sustained in this one, yet there was nothing in the news about a fatal accident happening that day. Believe me, I was happy to hear that because I thought for sure someone had sadly lost their life.

Look, it's been the wild, wild west out there on the highway for awhile now. This is what happens when you drive like a madman. If everyone can just slow down, go the posted speed limit, and stop weaving in and out of traffic, this kind of stuff won't happen.

Believe me, wherever you're going, you aren't going to get there THAT much fast by speeding. Stop putting your life, and others, at risk because you're running late.

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