I mentioned a rally that was reportedly going to be taking place downtown in support of Net Neutrality. Today, I went to that rally.

The rally itself wasn't much of a rally. I showed up really just to get a few photos of people milling about holding signs, ask a few questions, and call it a day. Instead, I found one lone man standing on the street.

While I may not necessarily agree or disagree with either side in this debate, my heart went out to the guy. Here he was in the heat with some signs and flyers, and no help. That was until one other person showed up who wound up leaving early to water his dog.

I grabbed a sign, a couple of flyers, and decided to walk the block. Fully aware people hate to be handed flyers, and hate when people hand them flyers, I went out to do just that. Hopefully, I could make this worth it for the guy somehow.

Shannon Lewis Townsquare Media
Shannon Lewis Townsquare Media


At about 12:30, I joined this guy to offer moral support as he handed off a massive letter to the office of Rep. Thornberry. After all, I told him, this is what you came to do. As long as you do that, you accomplished what you came for.

I don't know where I land on the issue. I argue both sides for the sake of it. What I do have a real opinion on is the people who go out and try to rally and protest. They give up their time for a cause they believe in, and when it's all said and done, that is admirable.

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