According to an article by the Amarillo Pioneer, there is going to be a “Cannabis Open Carry Walk” this weekend in Amarillo. According to the Pioneer, it is an event for those who are pro-gun and pro-toke.

I went digging for information after a slight typo regarding the date. The article states that the “walk” is this weekend, then says it is Saturday, September 25. There is no Saturday, September 25; let’s assume it is this weekend.

That’s really where the info ends. Digging on the website of the event organizers I discovered that the walk has, and I quote, NOTHING to do with guns.

This movement has NOTHING to do with guns. We are openly carrying cannabis signs, information, flyers and banners. We are NOT doing anything illegal. On walks, we will pass out information to get people active in the fight to free the weed here in Texas. -

So please, do as Johnny Cash asks, and don’t take your guns to town for this one.

Instead, the group’s sole aim is to have full legalization of cannabis (medical and recreational) by 2019 in the great state of Texas.

The subject of legalization in Texas fascinates me. Oklahoma is my home state and I saw year after year attempts at legalization of cannabis get destroyed before they ever really got started. Texas looks like it would be a tougher fight for those in favor of the right to toke.

UPDATE: Shortly after writing this, I was contacted by one of the organizers of the event. Amarillo's march is indeed this Saturday, and it is going to be at 7701 I-40 Rd. in Amarillo. It's scheduled from 2 PM - 4 PM.

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