Coming up on January 18, women will be marching in Amarillo. The Amarillo Area Women's March is set for this Saturday (1/18/2020) at Sam Houston Park.

That's according to a Facebook event page that was forwarded to me.

The march will be from 1pm to 3pm. It is hosted by Amarillo Activist League, which is apparently a thing that exists.

The event page describes the event like this:

The 2017 Women’s March inspired hundreds of women to run, millions more to vote, and dozens to win elected office. The 2020 Women’s March marks three years of resistance to the Trump presidency, three years of training new activists, and three years of building power. #RiseUp with us.

It sounds like a patriarchy-smashing good time. You can find out more by going to the Facebook event page, and you can check out the Amarillo Activist League by click here.

What Worries Me About The Women's March.

I've been to a protest in Amarillo. It was disheartening. It was sad. No one showed up except for the organizer, myself, my digital editor, another guy, and a dog.

I was really hoping for more of a spectacle. Plus, if I sound jaded it's because I found out that a lot of these "protests" that take place in Amarillo aren't even started by people from Amarillo. Some out-of-towner recruits people online and sends them a "build your own protest" kit.

It winds up not being very effective locally, but the organization gets to put Amarillo on the map as a place in favor of whatever kool-aid they're selling. The local organizer, well they usually wind up pretty much on their own.

One could say that they were taken advantage of just to pad some organization's statistical appearance. Does one person showing up still count as a march? Or is that a stroll?

Hopefully the Women's March has a better turn out, and is a little bit more local in its organization. I really am a fan of protests and marches.

I love it when people exercise their 1st amendment rights.

We Wouldn't Be Here If It Weren't For Women. That's Science.

So show up. Pro or anti Trump, shouldn't matter. What we all need is sunshine. It is a healthy practice to take in a little sunshine.

Unless you are allergic.

Plus, walking/marching is considered exercise. You can burn calories and possibly make some friends, all while putting differences aside and rallying around the fact that women are in-fact awesome.

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for women. That's science.

Me? I'll be huddled in my patriarchal corner whittling sticks or something.


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