Argue with me if you want, but salad bars are one of the best things in the world. Sure, you can go to just about any restaurant and get one, but is it a TRUE salad?

When I want a salad, I want a big one. One that's loaded with toppings, not just a few shaved carrots, a light smattering of cheese and a little cup of dressing. I want egg, maybe a protein or two, and as much cheese and ranch as one could desire.

I get that it's not healthy any longer, but who cares, it tastes better that way. When I go shopping at United, I walk past that salad bar there and think to myself, yup, I'm grabbing one of those before I get out of here.

Unfortunately, it sounds like I may not be able to do that anymore.

According to someone on Facebook, United is getting rid of their salad bars across the board. This user went to the one on Soncy and the salad bar was gone all of a sudden. She inquired with the manager as to where it was, and that manager told them they were getting rid of ALL of them in their stores.

The comments were plentiful, and none of them were exactly thrilled about it going away. However, it did start bringing up some good ideas and suggestions. Several people mentioned trying out the Salad Barn on Coulter. I didn't even know we had a Salad Barn until then.

Others mentioned talking to the powers that be at Souper Salad and bringing one here. Others mentioned how much they love the salad bar at Jason's Deli (me too).

No word on whether or not Market Street will be ditching their salad bar. United and Market Street, even though they're owned by the same group, have a tendency to operate a bit differently from one another so there is a chance that one will stay.

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