There have been a lot of businesses in Amarillo that have shut their doors over time. Some were for obvious reasons seen by everyone, and then other places close and no one seems to know why they shut down.

I saw something on Facebook this morning that caught my attention, and it kind of shocked me a bit. It's also something I thought to myself, man, something like this will get you to shut your doors real quick.

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A user on Facebook posted how they wanted to order a dozen donuts for their sons birthday. She felt it would be a really nice surprise for him to wake up to. She added a couple of iced coffees as well.

She places her order through DoorDash and goes about her morning. The notification comes in that her order is waiting for her at the door, so she goes to grab it. What does she find? Well, not a complete order.

She finds a bag and picks it up. Inside it are two iced coffees, but no donuts. What gives? Did the store mess up the order? Did the dasher take the donuts and leave the coffee? No, it wasn't either of these things.

Turns out, this particular donut store didn't have any donuts to 6 am. Yes, peak donut hours, and there were no donuts even available. The worst part of it all was there was no call or anything, from the donut shop or the dasher to let her know there weren't any donuts available.

Had she gotten that call, she most likely would've canceled the order and found another place. Instead, there was just a note on the receipt, with a scribble through her donut order and a note written next to it. It simply said, "no donuts".

They were nice enough to write another note at the bottom of the receipt saying, "You can get refund through DoorDash!". Such a comforting note right?

Now while I don't want to mention which donut store this was, I will say it was NOT one of our wonderful locally-owned places. You can probably do the math from there.

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