With all the different businesses closing in Amarillo lately, there has been opportunity for new ones to open up. We've seen some small local businesses close down, and some major market retailers close their doors here as well.

I noticed the other day when I went over to Target to grab something that Unknown, the gaming shop, had closed their doors. I was a bit surprised to see that one go down. It's been here as long as I have, which I know has only been three years.

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When Bed, Bath, & Beyond closed their doors, it didn't take long to find a new tenant. In fact, it was someone Amarillo had been calling for over time to come into the market. HomeGoods had said they'd rented the building and would be moving in.

That was roughly six months ago. I mean, the building probably didn't need a whole TON of remodel considering what it was prior, so I think we all assumed it would open within just a few months of announcing they were coming to the market.

Since then, we've heard nothing, seen nothing, and had no updates. So is HomeGoods still actually coming to Amarillo? Or did they tease us and pull out of the deal?

Well according to this Reddit post, someone said they noticed some construction going on but believes the development of the store is still pretty far off.

So the good news is it appears Home Goods is still coming to town. The bad news? It looks like it's going to be awhile before we get that grand opening.

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