AS we see so many new builds happening here in Amarillo, we can't help but wonder what all is coming into our little city. Every time we see a new place start popping up, the anticipation grows and the rumors begin.

Of course, everyone starts saying H-E-B or Costco is coming. Then it turns out to be a coffee shop or something along those lines.

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Now to be fair, we ARE getting a Buc-ee's, and I would like to think this grows the profile quite a bit for H-E-B or Costco to want to come into Amarillo. Maybe call it wishful thinking. However, with all these new places popping up, it makes me think about other places we don't have that would be incredible to see show up.

I'm clearly not the only one who thinks about this, as this Reddit thread had people listing some very different places that would be awesome to see pop up here.

Here's just a few of the places mentioned.

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Truthfully, I didn't even think about something like this. Sure, we have a Barnes & Noble, but a lot of us don't want to pay full price for books. Furthermore, once a lot of us are done with a book, we have no more use for it.

How nice would it be to have a place where we can take our finished books, sell them back, and trade them out for something new to read? Even better, it's a Texas-based business.

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps


Ok, I don't know if this is some kind of new obsession or what, but I've seen so many people lately wishing they'd open one here. Is there some kind of trend I'm missing out on when it comes to this, or are we simply craving one?

Either way, it seems there would be enough support within the city to have one open and sustain a solid amount of business, but will they see it the same way as we do?

Swedish Furniture And Homewares Giant IKEA
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Is there even an area large enough to build an IKEA? If you've never been in one or seen one, they are massive. Now, that said, they are incredible. If you can't find a home item here that you like, you may not be able to be pleased with your style.

Not to mention that the Swedish Meatballs they serve up in the cafe are truly legendary. I'd go there just to chow down on those...then I'd probably go wandering around for two hours and waste money I don't have.

German Supermarket Chain Aldi To Buy Winn-Dixie And Harveys Supermarkets
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With all the talk and want for an H-E-B, I'm seeing a ton of support for an Aldi to pop up in Amarillo. I've never been to an Aldi, so I had to look up what makes it so incredible. From what I gathered, Aldi prices are even cheaper than Walmart when it comes to food and items, and Walmart is widely recognized as the leader in cheap prices.

With the rising cost of food these days, I can see why so many want an Aldi to pop up here if that's true. It would certainly lessen the sting for a lot of people.

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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Here's another popular mention, and it's not one that is new. I've heard so many people say they want a Trader Joe's it's crazy. It rivals the H-E-B talk. I've only ever been in a Trader Joe's once, and I kind of get the popularity.

They have a lot of different types of items you can't find in a lot of places, and I hear some of their specialty items are absolutely to die for.

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