When it comes to Texas, Texans love to shop, but at the same time, Texans love to save money.  From Amarillo to Houston,  El Paso to Texarkana, Lubbock to Beaumont, Dallas to Laredo, and everywhere in between.

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That's why we love shopping at stores that are quick and easy to get into as well as a place where we can save money.  Dollar Tree is one of those stores.  The Dollar Tree Family purchased the Family Dollar stores in 2015.  Many new Dollar Tree stores were built and many new Family Dollar stores were opened, and some of those stores were hybrids.  However, as the world and economy change so does business.

Family Dollar Stores Across the Country Will Be Closing

Dollar Tree To Close 1,000 Family Dollar Stores
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It's important to note that not all Family Dollar stores will be shutting down. However, one of the Family Dollar stores in your area may be closing soon. On March 13th, Dollar Tree, Inc. announced that they will be closing 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of their fiscal year in 2024. In addition to this, 370 more Family Dollar stores and 30 Dollar Tree stores will be closing down once their leases expire in the next few years.

What Stores Are Closing?

The company did not announce which stores would be closing, but there are nearly 1200 Family Dollar stores in Texas. Many smaller cities in Texas have a Family Dollar and rely on this store as their primary shopping location, rather than having to drive to a larger city for supplies.

Most of the stores that will be closing, will be those underperforming stores all over.  Dallas, which has 64 Family Dollar stores, will probably see one or two stores close, just like other bigger cities, like Houston and Austin.  Unless the store is performing poorly most smaller cities should be safe from the closures.

For those that depend on Family Dollar stores in their area, hopefully, your store will be safe.

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