It's a story that has captivated Amarillo since it first came out.

A stolen kangaroo taken away in an SUV. Now, we are a bit closer to finding out what happened.

Yesterday, October 7th, two people were arrested on suspicion of theft of property over $2,500...and one of them may have lead police right to them.

Randall County Sheriff's Office
Randall County Sheriff's Office
Randall County Sheriff's Office
Randall County Sheriff's Office

Christopher Potts and Megan Sandefer were both arrested in conjunction with the theft of Rick Looby's kangaroo. If you need to get caught up on the stolen kangaroo, you can do so here.

So why would someone want to steal a kangaroo? I mean, I get that they're cool animals and not exactly common here in the U.S., but you'd think it would be pretty easy for someone to track down a stolen kangaroo right?

The theft occurred on September 25th, and the arrests were made 13 days later. I'd say that's a relatively quick turnaround. The question is, what led police to Potts and Sandefer? Well, let's just say Potts may have opened the door wide for authorities.

Let's just say Christopher wasn't exactly the smartest cookie in the batch. On October 2, you can see he posted on Facebook about Rick Looby and several pictures of himself with a kangaroo.

There's no telling when these pics were taken, but it does appear he had some words for/about Looby.

Potts goes on to claim that Looby is harassing him "beyond belief" and further saying that Looby is trying to slander and defame him. He brings up a giraffe that recently passed away and he claims it was a suspicious death.

He also makes claims that Looby is a "severe alcoholic", which in my eyes seems pretty slanderous and defamatory in its own right, but I digress.

No word yet on what the connection is with Sandefer. A quick check of her Facebook profile shows her and Potts are friends on the social platform, but don't see any interaction between the two. Sandefer's profile doesn't mention anything about Looby or kangaroos, but I did find a post from about a year and a half ago about disagreeing with conspiracy theories that had a similar tone to Potts' post from a few days ago.

As of right now, the kangaroo has not been found. One theory we've heard is the kangaroo was sold to someone in Dallas, but there is no evidence pointing to that at the moment. We do not know if the kangaroo is safe, but I can surely tell you I hope it is. More to come.

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