Amarillo is definitely a family type of city, and I mean that in the sense of there are a lot of kids in it. However, it feels like it can be tough to find places to have a kids birthday party doesn't it?

Everyone seems to settle in on just one place, and while it's great for THAT business, we forget that there are actually quite a few places we can throw the kids their deserved party.

So the ones I see that typically get all the birthday party love in Amarillo would be Cinergy and Amp'd. For the younger kids, Chuck E. Cheese is the big winner. Not to say those aren't great places to have a birthday party, because they really are great options. I've done parties at Cinergy before.

There are other places though that a lot of people don't think about though, so I want to throw a few of them out there.


Think of it as Chuck E. Cheese, but geared more towards the older kids. They have the Cinergy type games, you know, the big in your face, larger than life ones. They've even got bumper cars inside. Not to mention everyone is getting to stuff their face with the all you can eat buffet. You don't have to hope you got enough food for everyone.


Here's one even I didn't realize was in town. Kids of all ages love to mess with paint and pottery right? From a young age we teach them to color, and now they can paint themselves a masterpiece or create a piece of pottery that they can use. If you're looking for something different, this is the spot.


It's one of the biggest attractions we have in Amarillo, yet I never hear of birthday parties here. They do indeed offer up different types of birthday party packages you can take advantage of, and it's the kind of birthday party that can last literally all day long. Kids are always bummed when the party is over, so extend it here.


Here's something that is so different and unique I'm almost mad I didn't come up with it myself. It's a slumber party type of birthday party where you get a couple of teepees and air mattresses to be able to have a little slumber party. They're all decked out and there's plenty of different types of add-on's that make it an unforgettable and fun experience.

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