This may not be something you think about as the summer starts. Be very thankful that this is not a concern for you. There are a lot of kids in Amarillo that count on Amarillo schools for the food that they need.

It's just a fact. You may have three meals a day and no problem but in an already struggling economy think of those families that were already having issues. Then you go to the grocery store and how can you do it? How can you feed your family?

Those families have a lot of help during the school year because they know that breakfast and lunch are provided for the kids. That is a big help when you only have to worry about dinner.

It's still a struggle but it's a lot nicer. Then bam here it is summer and those kids are home now. These struggling families now have to worry about those meals that they weren't providing in the first place. Three months of worry is what these families have to deal with.

That is where a program like Snack Pak 4 Kids steps in and is a lifesaver. They asked the kids in a survey if they were worried about food over the summer. Unfortunately, there were a lot that did worry about their next meal.

Kids shouldn't have to worry about whether they will have food or not. So luckily they won't have to worry so much. Which is great news.

So these families and kids have six places to stop on Fridays to get food for the next week. This is a blessing for our community.

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