There's a lot of different things that annoy us in life aren't there? Rude people, annoying drivers, the store being out of your favorite item.

However, NONE of these annoy me more than something I see constantly here in Amarillo, and it seems like the simplest thing to do.

Parking your car IN BETWEEN the lines in a parking lot. I mean come on, is it really THAT hard to do? No, it's not.

Look, the lines are there for a reason. They're typically a bright white or bright yellow. It's one of the first things you are typically taught when you learn how to drive is how to park your car.

Now I understand that some vehicles are bigger than others, and the parking spots can be a little tight at times. I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about those who purposely park in the middle of a line and eat up two parking spots in a busy place.

I get it, you don't want your car getting dinged by someone else's door and that's fine. I don't want mine like that either, but are you really that inconsiderate to where you have to take up two spots? Are you that much better than everyone else?

There are plenty of parking spots that are further away from the entrance. If it's space you're looking for to make sure your car stays in pristine condition, go park out there. Walk a little bit further since you want to inconvenience everyone else.

No one but you cares about how cool your car looks, I promise you. When we see that, all we want to do is park closer to you just to annoy you...then maybe throw our car door open because "the wind caught it" or something.

Let's show a little respect and park your car properly. Stop being that person.

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