I love Tenacious D. Seeing them perform live is one of the biggest items on my bucket list. I was shocked when I saw this post on Instagram a couple of days ago, taken at Cadillac Ranch.

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As a new vintage Cadillac owner, I felt compelled to visit the Cadillac Ranch to pay homage.

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KG, Rage Kage, Kyle Gass, came through town stopping by Cadillac Ranch, and I missed it. According to the post it's because he is now a vintage Cadillac owner and this was some kind of pilgrimage to a site of sacred antiquity.

That might be embellishing it just a bit. He stopped by to "pay homage."

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There have been a lot of celebrities making their way through town recently. Bert Kreischer came through and talked about watching the storms roll in on his podcast with Bill Burr. Of course, there was the now-forgotten-but-momentarily-infamous visit from Rhianna.

Tenacious D, as pretty much every other band on the planet, had to postpone/cancel their 2020 tour. They were set to go out on the Purple Nurple Tour visiting swing states ahead of the election to promote voter registration and civic action.

Next month, on September 15 to be exact, they will be releasing the Post-Apocalypto graphic novel.  The graphic novel follows the film, which you can see on YouTube, the accompanying album, and tour.

If you have never listened to Tenacious D, you owe it to yourself to start with their self-titled album and go from there.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass both are insanely talented, funny individuals. As a team, they're comedy and rock gold.

Their albums are hilarious, and are musically astounding. I've yet to come across any thing like Tenacious D that does it quite as well as they do.

I might start camping at Cadillac Ranch. Who knows who will be the next to come through?

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