Yesterday, we talked about the Booze Fairies in Amarillo. The Booze Fairies are ladies who go out leaving care packages filled (sometimes) with booze for other ladies around town. Not to be outdone, the guys have their own group.

Looking on Facebook, I found two different Booze Bro groups. One is a national group. The other is more specific to our area.

If you're looking for the Booze Bros in our area, you're looking for the Amarillo Booze Bro's page. There's also this Booze Bros page. Amarillo is so awesome we need two groups.

It's not just about booze. Beyond the fact that it makes you feel good to do something nice for someone, it is a great way to connect with other people during the worst year many of us can remember. You can make some new friends and get some booze, snacks, and other goodies out of the deal.

If you don't like booze for whatever reason, that's okay. When you make your introduction, just include that bit of information. No harm; no foul.

Once you've made your introduction with all of the needed info, you sit back and wait. Then magically, at some point, a basket of drinks, snacks, and other fun stuff winds up on your doorstep.

Times are tough all over. It's nice to see these types of groups popping up everywhere. From howling at the moon at 8 PM every night, to being a Booze Bro; it's nice that there are still ways that we can connect and be a part of a community.

Get signed up and join the Amarillo Booze Bro's by clicking this link to their Facebook page.


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