Lately around Amarillo, people have been seeing random people on their lawns. They stand there, look around, then start setting up these funky little contraptions that kind of look like video cameras.

Some residents think they are being spied on by the city or that people are just acting like they work for someone, but they're actually casing their house.

Well, I'm here to tell you that all your suspicions and fears aren't valid. I know you feel they are, but you aren't being spied on and no one is trying to break into your house. The people you are seeing are land surveyors, and they're just working.

What exactly do land surveyors do? Quite a few things that you don't really think about actually. One of the reasons they're standing out in front of your house or on your lawn is they're probably just determining the legal property lines of your home.

Another thing they do is determine exact locations of real estate and construction projects, so if you see them near your home, or maybe even at it, it's possible that somewhere near you there is going to be some building and they're just determining the exact location of the building.

See, when someone decides to build something, they have to stay within their parameters, and if they leak out even in the slightest, there is a possibility they're building on someone else's property or land.

You could also be seeing engineering or construction surveyors. Their job is similar to land surveyors, but they deal more with the precise location of roads or buildings while also helping determine proper depth for building foundations.

So if you see these people roaming around your home, don't panic. They're just there doing their job and they mean you no harm.

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