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In 2020, live music was hard to come by for most of the year. The pandemic and pandemic related regulations made being a musician and a venue pretty tough.

The good news, is that there seems to be plenty of live, local music left in Amarillo.

Anytime you start searching for what is happening in Amarillo over the weekend, you'll find bands performing somewhere.There's a long list of artists performing in town any given weekend.

Today I came across something I've never seen before.

The place is called The Venue Downtown Theater.

I started digging through their social media pages, and it looks like they have a performance every Saturday. Plus, they have a cafe.

They're also family friendly, and they're a non-profit organization.

You can get more information here.

On their Facebook page, it looks like they do more than just live music. They have photos up of what appears to be full stage productions too. This might be another place in town to go out and enjoy "the theater" at.

The thing that really caught my attention was the "family friendly" atmosphere they advertise. Having 4 kids means that my nights out on the town pretty much have to be family friendly.

This will get added on our "things to do in Amarillo list" for sure. I'm looking forward to giving this a shot.

Also, if you do happen to come across a band when you're out getting a bite to eat, or maybe stopping for a drink somewhere, be sure to hang out and listen to a few songs and drop a tip their way.

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