Being a mom can be way overwhelming.

I remember my daughter saying to me that life will get easier when her newborn grew up a bit and could walk and talk. I thought to myself, girl you have no idea. It doesn't get any easier.

Once mobile I think they get even more challenging because now you are chasing them all over the house. Then you think it will be easier when they can talk and they can tell you what they want.

But then when they talk, they like to tell you 'no', along with any word you don't want them to ever pick up. Then they like to say things in front of people that make you all sorts of embarrassed. You get it.

Yes, being a mom is a lifelong challenge. Even when they grow up and move out you still have to worry. Those challenges are worth it and even great when people step in to help.

It takes a village, right? That is what we always hear and it couldn't be more true. The more help you get the better. Whether you have family that jumps in to help, a group of friends that always have your back-- or even a local business.

Fluffaholic, 2622 SW 34th, which is a  cloth diaper and babywearing store (or as my editor calls it, a "crunchy granola mom paradise"), that carries other eco-friendly items did just that. They closed down the biz for a day and jumped in without hesitation to help a mom in need.

That is really pretty cool and the way it should be. A community that works together grows together.

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