A dream come true in Amarillo is walking through the doors of a place and being surrounded by beauty. It doesn't matter who you are you would love for that to be your reality.

Whether the beauty surrounding you is booths full of wonderful things for sale or surrounded by food. I mean everyone has their thing. Imagine this. How about a room or two filled with cars?

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Now I am talking about all kinds of cars. From classic cars to the newer ones. They all have a story. That is what happened recently at the Make a Wish Car Show. Nothing but rows and rows of beautiful cars.

You can be of any age and enjoy a show like this. Imagine being a young kid walking through those doors for the first time and seeing the countless number of cars. This is like your Hot Wheels collection on a much bigger scale. All live and in person.

If you missed the show or even if you made it but just didn't take enough pictures. These cars are something else.

LOOK: Did We See You At The 39th Annual Make-A-Wish Car Show?

March 2nd & 3rd was the 39th annual Make-A-Wish car show and it was a blast! Did we happen to see you and your fancy set of wheels? Check out the photos below to see if you're somewhere in there!

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM


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