Malcolm's is one of those places that our family has gone to for years. The jalapeno chicken bits are always my go-to. I mean they have a great menu but I seem to always end up going back to the bits.

Heck, they have ice cream too so what is not to love? When my daughter was growing up Malcolm's was always the place she would want to go. Again, they have ice cream so that was a no-brainer for her.

Malcolm's seems to always be busy. They are also always changing with the times. They added a drive-thru which was definitely something that made me very happy. They are working on getting online ordering soon. Another plus.

They were one of the businesses affected by the floods here in Amarillo. They weren't planning on doing a remodel but those rains had other ideas for them. So as places were opening when the water went away Malcolm's delayed there opening.

They had to remodel before they could open up. Oh, and boy did they remodel. They took to Facebook with a funny post about the work they had to do. Nothing beats humor at a time like this.

So now is the time to give Malcolm's a visit. They are open and they are going to have to start building up those college funds again. I mean you know how expensive college can be?

So it's time for me and my family to get back in there and enjoy those jalapeno bits again. Well until my family comes back to town I will take advantage of the drive-thru.

Either way, I am really glad that they are back open.

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