How many times have you gone to McDonald's wanting an ice cream cone? How many times were you told that their machines are down? This is something I remember all too well.

It became a running joke because it seemed like their machines were always down. I mean always. So I stopped relying on McDonald's for ice cream whenever I was in the mood. I count on them for great French Fries.

I count on McDonald's each and every time I want a Big Mac. I do not hold my breath when it comes to wanting an ice cream cone. I just know better. I had way too many disappointments over the years.

I went for lunch the other day and had to just laugh. They are at least making sure you don't even try to order an ice cream cone right now. This is at the Coulter location. I am not sure if this is at every McDonald's or not. They are being upfront with the fact that you can't get an ice cream cone.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Heck, you can't get a McFlurry either. They will both be back soon. When is soon? How long will it be? No ice cream this summer? That is what I am taking out of this. I don't even know how long their sign has said this.

It really was the first time I actually sat there and looked closely at the sign. I mean I usually just order on the app so there is no need. I was glad that I looked because I like a good laugh.

So now I am just waiting to see what Back Soon really means. How soon is soon when it's over one hundred degrees?

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