With Mother's Day approaching many families are thinking of the perfect gift for mom. You know you want to make Mom happy. You also know that all mom wants is to spend time with her family.

Oh, and maybe a nap too. Those are the little things that make Mother's Day special. So what do you do for Mom? I mean you let her take a nap. That is for sure. That is an easy no-brainer for Mother's Day.

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You also find activities you can do with her. One that is coming up is perfect. You can go and make a gift for Mom. You can make a gift with Mom. Moms love those homemade gifts.

When you can get one made in a classroom setting like this you know it will turn out great. No experience is needed. No special skills. Just you and your kids. What could be better?

That is where Amarillo Parks and Recreation is stepping in to help with Mother's Day this year. They are going to host a paint night for all the special moms in your life. It could be many generations. Heck, grab Grandma too. She would love this opportunity as well.

Everyone needs to be registered and I sure wouldn't wait. For only fifteen dollars a person, this is one of those no-brainers. This is one of those fun experiences for the family that is sure to fill up. So make mom proud and plan something before Mother's Day.

Just make sure that you remember to still let her take that nap on Mother's Day. Trust me on this one.

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