There are things in life that make a grown adult chuckle at times. You know, those little "inside adult jokes" when your kids are constantly asking what you're laughing at.

Sometimes those things are in plain sight and you just bust out laughing. Amarillo has several of those places along your drive.

I'm talking about dirty business names. Sometimes those names are fully intended to reflect what the business is about. Some of them could've been thought up and not realized that they were going to be construed a certain way.

Let's start with the obvious ones around Amarillo.


One of the more recent entries to Amarillo, Twin Peaks can be viewed a couple of different ways. For those into topography, it could mean peaks of mountains. I mean, it IS their logo so I can see how you could view it that way. However, it's a very accurate representation of what the restaurant is on the inside. Scantily dressed women showing off...well, you get the point.


I know, this is low-hanging fruit. It's been around for decades, and also has a double entendre seeing as how their logo is an owl. However, look at the owl's eyes. That kinda gives away what this establishment is all about. I do appreciate the owl logo though, my kids haven't picked up on it quite yet. I suspect my oldest is getting close though.


So they USED to be in Amarillo, but let's be honest. If you have one of those dirty kinds of minds, you didn't think of Furr's as a food buffet. Your brain went somewhere else completely different. I'm not judging you, but thanks for making that one dirty when it was never intended to be.


Ok I admit, this is a business that USED to be in Amarillo but is since long gone. Beavers was a very accurate representation of what they were. I get that there was an actual beaver on top of the sign, but they weren't exactly shy about the fact they were "totally nude live" according to the sign.

No doubt I'm missing some around town, but those are just a few that come to mind for me. Go ahead, chuckle away.

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