Now that the long drawn-out month of January is over we can concentrate on February. You know that month of romance? Yes, a date night is probably needed if you didn't automatically think of Valentine's Day.

That few hours to escape from your life and concentrate on your relationship. It's probably much needed. Even more important is how fun it would be to get dressed up for a date night.

Maybe you don't have family in town that can step in and give you that much-needed break. Maybe your regular babysitter is not available. You may not even have a babysitter but you want and need a night out.

You want to send them somewhere that you know they will have fun. You want to make sure that dinner will be provided. Everything you can count on with a sitter. The Discovery Center wants to give you that night out.

The best part is the date. With Valentine's Day being on a Wednesday this could give you your Valentine's Date. Most people will go out either the weekend before or after. So this date night is perfect.

The Discovery Center wants to give your kids a fun night of playing on Friday, February 9th. They can be dropped off at 5:30 pm. Dinner will be provided. You will have the night to yourselves. You will have to pick the kiddos up by 9:30 pm but that is four hours of peace.

That is four hours of a romantic night out. That much-needed date night. Make sure you get them registered now before they are full. Oh, and plan that night out with your significant other for Valentine's.

Date Night in Amarillo

Use this list as a go-to when you get a date night.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

Don Harrington Discovery Center

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is a amazing science center in Amarillo. It is a fun place to bring the kids to learn about all sorts of things, from building, to dinosaurs, to animals, and even space.

Bring the kids out for some fun and excitement.

Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 4:30
Sunday Noon - 4:30

Adults: $14
Children Under 1: FREE
Children 2-17: $9
Military: $11
Seniors: $11
Students: $11

1200 Streit Drive Amarillo, Tx 79106
Call: (806) 355-9547

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

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