That's one heck of a way to close out the school year.

According to reports earlier today, 12 students got stuck on a roller coaster at Wonderland Park. The kids were there as part of an end of the school year party. The report also stated that no one was in any immediate danger because of where the ride was stopped.

The roller coaster was the Mousetrap. According to the report, Wonderland Park officials said the ride actually did what it was supposed to do when a problem is detected. They also were quoted as saying the problem was likely due to wind and temperature.

Amarillo Fire Department assisted in helping the 12 kids get down from the stuck roller coaster. They teamed up with Wonderland Park staff to get all of the children to safety.

There are several photos of the effort on the Amarillo Fire Department Facebook page.

Hats off to AFD and to Wonderland Park for their efforts this morning.

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