Earlier this year I wrote about one of the weirdest laws I have ever seen. In Texas, it has been illegal for you to buy, and then take home, beer from a craft-brewery. Emphasis on "has been."

What made this so weird, is that you could purchase a bottle from a distillery or winery and take it home. No questions asked. No one batted an eye. For some reason, beer from a craft-brewery was the exception.

It gave me a sad chuckle when I found out about it. Chalk it up to another "okie's misconception" about life in the Lone Star State.

According to reports, it looks like purchases will be limited to one case per customer, per day. Some measures that didn't make it regarding booze, was the ability of stores like Walmart to sell liquor, liquor stores being opened on Sundays, and allowing the sale of beer start earlier on Sundays.

Chalk it up as a win, and as our fine governor put it, to freedom.

The change goes into effect September 1.

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