News reports today came out saying that Walmart is going to be making their aisles one-way in all of their stores. It's going to be like driving downtown. Once you get the hang of it, it probably won't be that bad.

Of course, the decision is part of Walmart's continued efforts to help maintain social distancing. If you've been to the big box store recently, you can't help but notice all of the changes.

There's someone usually guarding the door, keeping track of how many people are inside. The entrances and exits are marked off so that you are finally forced to used the entrance to enter and the exit to exit.

Employees, from what I've seen, are almost all wearing masks and gloves. Plus there's the new "sneeze guard" shields at all of the registers that are self-serve.

Once the pandemic ends, and things start going back to normal, I think we should keep the one-way aisles. This is one of the best innovations to shopping we've had in a long time.

Gone will be the days of the awkward "shopping cart shuffle" where you try to get around one person while someone is playing chicken with you from the other end of the aisle.

Now, if you miss your aisle I'm sure it will be a bit of an annoyance. But just like when traveling downtown, just circle back around and get it right on your next try.

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