I have to shake my head and laugh a little at the irony of someone throwing their gloves and mask on the ground when they leave the store. Not because it's funny. It's just so pathetically hypocritical.

This is the kind of person that will preach to us all how we're not "thinking of our neighbors" when someone doesn't wear protective gear, yet doesn't think of their neighbors when they discard their protective items after leaving the store.

It is beyond gross to see this stuff laying around when I step out of my vehicle. You've been breathing and sweating all over this stuff, and leave it laying around for me and my kids to dodge while you scream from the rooftops how we should all be looking out for one another.

Your hypocrisy is laughable.

It's not hard, friends and neighbors. Especially when there are trashcans near most store entrances and exits. Throw your stuff in the trashcan.

If there aren't, it won't hurt you to wait until you get home to throw it away. Figure out a way to store it until you get home if you're worried about contaminating your vehicle.

Unfortunately, this phenomena isn't limited to just one store or one part of town. In a lot of parking lots I've been in, I've seen it. It happens a lot at the bigger stores, but small businesses aren't immune from it either.

My kids in kindergarten and first grade know that trash belongs in a trashcan. Surely you can keep up with a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old.


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