We made it! The week is winding down and the weekend is just about upon on us. Now the hard part begins.

Making plans to actually ENJOY the weekend. Sure, we all have chores and whatnot that need to get taken care of, but can I suggest you get that done relatively early in the morning?

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Be honest with yourself. You want to be respectful of people sleeping the weekend away and not go fire up the lawnmower too early, but let's be honest. You've been woken up at 7 am by the roar of that engine by your neighbor or someone just a couple of houses down.

It's your turn this weekend because Saturday is a day you want to keep open to enjoy.

Starlight Ranch is holding the Amarillo Margarita Festival on Saturday, August 13 and it's gonna be a rip-roaring good time.

Several different bars and restaurants will be on hand to knock out some of their finest margaritas for you to sip on, and they'll even battle each other in a friendly little competition as to who can make the best marg.

The competition will be fun to watch as everyone will have to use the same exact tequila so they all stay on a level playing field. It may not be the one they typically use, so they'll have to get creative.

Oh, it's going to be more than just margaritas. Tacos galore, Lucha Libre wrestling, and live music from Sugar Rock Yacht Band will all be happening as well. Don't miss out!

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