Early today, APD let it be known that there is a new phone scam in town. This one, is actually somewhat sophisticated.

The scammer will call pretending to be someone from Amarillo National Bank's fraud department. They will then begin asking for bank account information, including pins and passwords.

The sophisticated part is that the scammers have actually spoofed the bank's phone number, which makes ANB pop up on your caller ID. So of course, when you answer and they say they're from the fraud department of ANB, you're more inclined to believe them.

APD did remind everyone that banks will not call you and ask for this kind of information. You can also hang up, and then call your bank to get more information.

You can find the entire release from APD below. Always be protective of your information, your money, and your credit.

APD did also remind everyone in the release that if no monetary loss has occured, then you should contact the Better Business Bureau instead of the police. If you have fallen victim to a scam, you can report it to the police.


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