Heads up heading into this afternoon. We could be seeing another round of severe storms in the area.

The folks at MyHighPlains.com have today's forecast calling for the possibility of severe storms in the area. According to their forecast, it's most likely to hit the eastern portion of the panhandle.

The major threat they cite is the potential for large sized hail. They also state that there could be damaging winds accompanying the storms.

It's been a wild start to the year with the infamous "bomb cyclone" we experienced earlier this year, along with several severe storms and tornado threats.

Late this afternoon, heading into the evening and overnight hours, be alert and be safe. For more information you can watch the forecast at MyHighPlains.com.

Also, be sure to have a plan in place in case severe storms do develop threats in the way of tornadoes. Have a place where you can take shelter, and a plan on how to get there should the need arise.

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