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Yeah,  you read that headline right. A lot of people are really excited about the renaissance faire happening on Halloween, and if you are also a fan of pro-wrestling then you're really going to love this.

Top of Texas Pro Wrestling announced this week that they will also be at the renaissance faire on 6th Street. So, I'm guessing instead of jousting we're going to get suplexes?

The announcement was made on TOT's Facebook page. According to that announcement, they're going to be out there all day for Trick-Or-Beat.

I'm officially interested in this event now. Not just because there's wrestling involved, but because there's wrestling next to barmaids, and medieval lords and ladies.

Sounds like a lot of tights to me.

Their post also gives up some more info on what all will be happening down on 6th Street for Halloween. They mention a classic car cruise and turkey legs.

I have to admit, the choice to have pro wrestling next to a renaissance faire struck me as an odd one. Not that I'm against or anything, just seemed like an odd choice to have clotheslines and turnbuckles as a part of the festivities.

If the matches will be happening all day long as part of everything happening down on 6th, will the wrestlers show up in medieval outfits? Maybe a suit of armor, or a jester's outfit?

As far as the renaissance faire is concerned, I'm still wondering what all will be out there. Will there be fire-breathers? Jesters? Bards singing and plucking away? Horses? Knights?

Exactly what we will see on 6th Street this Halloween...remains to be seen. There's a lot being planned and talked about. As of right now, it sounds like there will be a lot for you to get out of the house for.

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